Boost Self-Confidence with These 5 Sport Psychology Tips

sport psychology

sport psychology

Mike Friday, who has served as the Head Coach of the USA 7s since summer 2014, believes that it is very important for players and their coaches to understand sport psychology and use it to positively impact their game and performance.

Here are five sport psychology tips that Mike Friday recommends, which will help boost your self-confidence.

  1. A Good Posture is Important – The mind and the body are interdependent. If the body slouches and stoops, the mind can’t remain focused or confident for long. Similarly, if the mind is upset, the body will be affected. So, to ensure that you feel confident in your “mind”, your “body” should act confident – that is hold the body straight and the head high, make eye contact, and walk with purpose and energy. The mind will follow suit.
  1. Be Positive – Negativity in any form drains energy, makes us doubt ourselves, and can make even the best of us lose confidence. It is thus very important to think positive thoughts, visualise positive results, and speak in a positive manner using positive words, specially when feeling demotivated. Visualising victory, a fit and healthy body, and a good performance can help boost confidence before a game.
  1. Concentrate on the Performance Not on the Result – It’s very common for players to lose focus and start thinking about the outcome during or even before a game – specially if it’s not going well or they’re not in form. The problem with this is that, if you think that the outcome is going to be defeat, then you will lose confidence and the motivation to perform. You will probably lose the game without much effort from the competitor.
  1. Know Your Game and Study the Game of Your Competition – This knowledge gathering and studying follows us everywhere, not just in sport. All great players not only know their own game, but they also spend considerable time and effort in studying how their competitor plays and the strategies that he/she uses. This knowledge helps them strategise for the match. When you’re prepared and armed with knowledge, you’re bound to feel confident!
  1. Have Fun! – It’s important to have fun in what you’re doing – even in sport. If you don’t then it will affect your game negatively, which will pull down your confidence. It’s a vicious cycle. So, if you feel that the “fun is gone”, then don’t push yourself, take a break, reassess your goals and objectives, and if the interest is still there, return and conquer!

These tips are for everyone – professional sportspeople, those who pursue sport for health reasons, and even for the couch potatoes – because, confidence is an essential life trait.

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