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Family Protection

With a family life insurance policy, you’ll make monthly payments to an insurer to help protect your family in case anything were to happen to you during the policy duration or term.

If you did pass away during the policy term then the insurer would pay the cover amount you took out – the ‘sum insured’ – to your beneficiary.
This term is usually fixed and will either be a ‘level term’ policy or a ‘decreasing term’ policy.

  • Level term life insurance: the sum insured would be the same amount no matter when you passed away during the policy
  • Decreasing term life insurance: the amount an insurer would pay out decreases over the policy term to reflect how much you would have paid off your long-term financial commitments if you passed away further into the policy period.


It is also possible to take out a Whole of Life insurance policy. This is when the provider offers you cover for your whole life, and pays the sum insured when you pass away. Whole of life insurance is often more expensive than level term and decreasing because it’s guaranteed that a claim will be made.

Life insurance can either be taken out separately as a Single life insurance policy or as a Joint life insurance policy.

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Life insurance could be the most important financial product you ever buy.

If you die while you still have dependants, being able to claim on a life insurance policy could be the difference between your loved ones struggling to make ends meet, and their financial security.

Despite this, many of us simply don’t have any life insurance cover in place. Your Bounce Life adviser will ensure you get the product you need, with the right provider, at a price you can afford.


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We've partnered with SODEXO so that we can offer all of our clients a Bounce branded pre-paid VISA card which allows up to 8% cashback at leading retailers, restaurants and supermarkets, we can also load any successful referral payments onto the card*.

*A successful referral is a client that has paid their first month's premium.
The Bounce Visa Card costs £10 which is a one off set up fee.

Free Will

Bounce offer a free Will service worth £130 which is available with every Life policy taken out.

Free Trust
Every Life policy taken out with Bounce has the option to have a free trust set up for you if you wish to do so.


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