Fit Body, Fit Mind: What is the Link Between the Two?

fit body fit mind

fit body fit mind

We’re sure you’ve heard of all the physical and psychological benefits of regular exercise. But, we don’t know whether you follow them or not. So, we’re reiterating these points. Mike Friday, our co-founder, and one of the world’s leading Rugby coaches, believes that a healthy lifestyle is essential for gaining a fit body and a fit mind.

Here are five must-do things that Mike Friday recommends, which will help you achieve complete physical, mental, and social well-being. And in turn become the owner of a fit body and a fit mind, not to mention an amiable disposition.

  1. Regular Exercise – Yes, we know, we say this a lot. But it’s important. Regular exercise can support in achieving all three objectives at one time. It builds your physical health, it helps improve your mental health, and if you’re into team sport or work out in the gym or park – you get to meet new like-minded people> which takes care of your social well-being…
  1. Healthy Diet – Just exercising is not enough. Eating the right food, in the right quantity, and at regular intervals is extremely important for achieving health goals. We all know that healthy food works like fuel for the body, but the right food also nourishes the mind and has a positive effect on our mood. So, don’t wait any more, take charge of your diet now!
  1. Sleep – Social media addiction, high stress jobs, and some of our own unhealthy lifestyle choices affect our sleep – which in turn has a bad effect on our mental and physical health. It also makes us cranky and grumpy, which negatively influences our social well-being. This means that if we can embrace good sleep habits, and get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep, we get one step closer to achieving a fit body and a fit mind.
  1. Meditation – Agreed, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea or coffee. But meditation is a great way to relax the body and calm the mind. And, we all know that the owner of a relaxed body and a composed mind is usually a happy and amiable person – which again is great for social well-being!
  1. Go for that Holiday! – Yeah! We’re serious. Regular leisure breaks from work are necessary to maintain your physical and mental health. They not only help you to rejuvenate, but are also great for expanding your mental boundaries. Experiences with new places, people, and culture can teach you a lot of new things. This builds adaptability; the exercise that you get while exploring the new place is good for the body; and there’s no saying how many new friends you’ll make along the journey!

Like the three aspects of our health – physical, mental, and social – all the things that help us attain good health are also inter-related. If you exercise and eat well – you will sleep better. If you sleep well, you’ll be physically and mentally prepared to go for that swim or run. If you eat well, you’ll have the energy to exercise. If you meditate, you’ll be able gain mental peace and relaxation – which in turn will reduce stress. All these things address every aspect that you need to keep yourself completely healthy, and they can be easily built into your schedule without much effort.

Through Bounce Life, Mike Friday is encouraging people to take the plunge for a healthier UK. Contact us today, to know how.