Five Reasons Why Playing Rugby is Good for Your Health



For Mike Friday, one of the leading International 7s coaches, rugby is more than just a sport. He vouches for the several physical and psychological benefits that rugby can offer – whether you play it competitively or recreationally.

So, what exactly are these benefits you ask? Let’s have a look –

  1. Cardiovascular fitness

Rugby can improve your body’s cardiovascular system which transports blood, oxygen, and nutrients through your body. It does so by maintaining a healthy weight and improving your level of fitness. The very nature of the game is such that it requires extreme physical effort in the form of running, sprinting and tackling opponents. This kind of exercise builds a strong heart which functions more efficiently.

With a preliminary study stating that rugby players cover an average distance of 4.45 km to 6.84km in a single game, you get the opportunity to burn ample calories and the benefit of an increased stamina!

  1. Improvement in bone health

Playing rugby regularly can work magic on your body by toning the muscles of the forelimbs, hind limbs and chest. Moreover, the movements made during the game put stress on the bones. When the stress is above normal levels, it stimulates the deposition of calcium along the stress points. This increases your bone density. The advantage of this? You safeguard yourself from developing osteoporosis in the future!

  1. Improved mental wellbeing

Did you know that a sport like rugby can also help improve your mental wellbeing? Team games like rugby can help people with mild depression. It gives participants a sense of belonging and purpose that is often lacking in people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Moreover, the sense of companionship with teammates helps people have a more positive frame of mind and develop a strong support system.

  1. Agility and speed

Flexibility and pace are important in rugby. A good game of rugby requires you to suddenly vary your speed, dodge your opponents and score a try. This constant and abrupt twisting helps you to be more flexible. With practice, rugby has the potential to make your body agile and sharpen your reflexes.

Saving the best for last, rugby is…

  1. A great stress buster!

We all know the effects that long term stress can have on your body and mind. Team games like rugby are a means of reducing stress. Your body releases endorphins – the feel-good hormones – to lift your mood. Or maybe, it’s the happiness you feel when you get into a ruck or make a hard tackle without getting arrested!

On a serious note though, when you get in competitive mode, devising strategies to win the game, it can take your mind off any nagging issues off the pitch. This helps you to gain some perspective and tackle those problems in a better manner.

At its most basic level, rugby is a great way of engaging in physical activity – a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. This, in turn, results in an improved performance in your professional life. And this is something which is at the heart of Bounce Life, Mike Friday’s new venture. Get in touch with us today to take a step towards a happier and healthier life!